Open The Door That So Long You Have Bolt

Open the door that so long you have bolted;
Jesus your Saviour is knocking once more;
Have you no welcome? Oh, think of his mercy;
Rise while he tarries and open the door.

Open the door, open the door,
Jesus is knocking, is knocking once more;
Let him come in ere he leave you forever,
Haste while he lingers and open the door.

Nailed to the cross from your sins to redeem you,
Bleeding and dying; what more could he do?
How can you slight him and treat him so coldly,
Jesus, who suffered such anguish for you? [Refrain]

Turn not away from the voice that is calling,
Full of compassion so tender and true;
Open the door, he is pleading to enter,
Lovingly pleading, O lost one, for you. [Refrain]

Open the door while the life lamp is burning,
Jesus is waiting to cleanse you from sin;
Open the door and receive him with gladness,
Let the dear Saviour this moment come in. [Refrain]