Our Refuge And Our Strength Is Heavens

Our refuge and our strength is heav’n’s high God;
Our certain aid, when troubles rage abroad;
Therefore why shou’d we fear, tho’ dangers threat;
Tho’ moves this solid earth from off her seat;
Tho’ from it’s basis starts each lofty hill;
Tho’ the stunn’d sea their tumbling ruins fill;
Tho’ rise the waters, and the billows roar,
And the big waves insult the rocky shore?
For round the city, which th’ all-high approves.
The sacred, solemn temple, that he loves,
Streams a fair river, glad’ning, as it flows,
The blest inhabitants with sweet repose.
There, that no terrors may disturb their peace,
That me from hostile bands may rest at ease,
Dwells God himself, supports her with his aid;
In vain the hostile bands her peace invade.
When rag’d the heathen, and prepar’d the war,
And struck the nations round with horrid fear,
From out his thunder spoke th’ almighty Lord,
Trembled low earthy and melted at his word.
For us the Lord of hosts displays his pow’r;
Our refuge he, whom Jacob’s sons adore.
Come then, and see the wonders of his hand,
The workings of his pow’r in ev’ry land;
He bids the harrast world to be at peace;
He bids the fury of the war to cease;
The bow he breaks, he snaps the deadly spear,
And stops the chariot in it’s full career.
“Compose your troubled hearts to rest (he cries)
“And know the pow’r that in the Godhead lies;
“I’m earth’s sole Lord, and I’ll support my claim,
“And all the nations shall adore my name.”
For us the Lord of hosts displays his pow’r,
Our refuge he, whom Jacob’s sons adore.