Parent Of Good Thy Works Of Might

Parent of good! Thy works of might
I trace with wonder and delight;
Thy name is all divine.
There’s naught in earth, or sea, or air,
Or heaven itself, that’s good or fair,
But what is wholly Thine.

Immensely high Thy glories rise;
They strike my soul with sweet surprise,
And sacred pleasure yield;
An ocean wide without a bound,
Where ev’ry noble wish is drowned,
And every want is filled.

To Thee my warm affections move,
In sweet astonishment and love,
While at Thy feet we fall;
We pant for naught beneath the skies;
To Thee our ardent wishes rise,
Oh our eternal All!

What shall I do to spread Thy praise,
My God! through our remaining days,
Or how Thy name adore?
To Thee we consecrate our breath;
Let us be Thine in life and death,
And Thine for evermore.