Pilot Of Galilee

Out on life’s ocean with perils ever nigh,
I have a Pilot on Whom I can rely;
With Him to guide me, life’s storms I can defy,
‘Tis Christ of Galilee.

He is my Pilot on life’s stormy sea,
This wondrous Man of Galilee;
I’m safe in His keeping,
Tho’ storms are round me sweeping,
This Pilot of Galilee.

Wondrous His power and matchless is His skill,
Billows and tempests obey His sov’reign will.
Hushed into silence at His blest “Peace, be still,”
This Man of Galilee.

Fierce was the tempest once raging in my soul,
When of my bark He, my Pilot, took control.
With voice commanding above the thunder’s roll,
This Man of Galilee.

Hear it, ye storm-tossed, upon the sea of sin,
Why will ye not take the heav’nly Pilot in?
Safely He’ll guide you the haven blest to win,
This Man of Galilee.