Praying For You

You will always know I’m praying for you
Tonight you feel like the world’s coming in on you
No one can understand what you’re going through
But I want you to know that wherever you are
Somewhere in the world I’m praying for you

And I’m praying that He’ll lead you (He’ll lead you) right where you need to be
(lead you where you are)
And I’m praying He’ll guide you through the storm (through the storm)
And while I’m on my knees I’ll be lifting you in prayer
I hope wherever you are you’re praying for me

I wish I could be right there to comfort you now
Lord knows I would if could somehow (I could somehow)
So I sing this song for you and where ever you go (you will know)
You will always know I’m praying for you

And if my time should come before I’ve time to show (how could I show)
What you’ve meant to me on earth I still want you to know
Even though I can’t be seen, there’s something I can do
With the Lord in Heaven we’re all praying for you

I know where ever I am I’ll be praying for you