Raise The Shining Banner

Raise the shining banner, let it proudly wave,
Emblem of the King whose pow’r can save,
Let it wave with splendor, honor and renown,
Sanctified forever by His cross and crown.

Raise the shining banner of salvation,
Oh set it flying, glad news supplying,
Oh raise the shining banner of salvation,
The emblem of eternal victory.

Raise the shining banner, tell to all the world
Where those sacred folds were first unfurled,
Tell all men the story, bid them lift their eyes,
Gather where the banner of redemption flies. [Refrain]

Raise the shining banner, raise it with a song,
Pledge to it allegiance firm and strong,
Spread the invitation, sound the welcome call,
Rally round the banner bright, that flies for all. [Refrain]