Rebuke Me Not In Anger Lord Nor Cast

Rebuke me not in anger Lord!
Nor cast me quite away,
Nor let me have my just reward,
Have mercy, Lord, I pray.

In mercy hear thou my complaint,
O hear my mournful pray’r:
My heart is weak, my soul is faint,
And fill’ed with dread and fear.

In death no man rememb’reth thee,
Nor thanks thee in the grace:
In mercy, Lord, deliver me,
And from destruction save.

My sorrows and distress of mind,
Are numberless and great;
No peace or comforts can I find,
In this my dismal state.

My life is worn with grief and pain,
And all my strength is gone:
O Lord, revive my soul again,
And make thy mercies known.

O comfort me in my distress;
On thee my God I call:
Be thou my life and righteousness,
My Saviour and my all.