Resting In You

In the eye of the hurricane, I find peace in the storm.
By trusting in You, Lord, my soul is reborn.
Like a child in Your arms, safe and warm against the night,
You will bear me through the darkness, surrounded by Your light.

Resting in You, Lord, safe in Your arms,
Resting in You, Lord, I am safe in Your arms.

Though the mountains may crumble, and the sea roll away,
I know You are with me, through the night and the day.
For You’re right here inside me; yes, You live within my heart.
I’ve abandoned my life into Your gentle, loving arms.

When my burdens grow heavy, and I bend beneath the load,
Then Your strength will help me down the long, dusty road.
All my trials and tribulations, they can only make me strong.
For You lift my soul with gladness, and fill my heart with song.