Shout Aloud Salvation Boys Well Have Ano

SHOUT aloud salvation, and we’ll have another song;
Sing it with a spirit that will start the world along;
Sing it as our comrades sang it many a thousand strong,
As they were marching to Glory.

March on, march on! we bring the jubilee;
Fight on, fight on! salvation makes us free;
We’ll shout our Saviour’s praises over every land and sea
As we go marching to Glory.

How the anxious shout it when they hear the joyful sound!
How the weakest conquer when the Saviour they have found!
How our grand battalions with triumphant power abound,
As we go marching to Glory.

So we’ll make a thoroughfare for Jesus and his train;
All the world shall hear us as fresh converts still we gain;
Sin shall fly before us for resistance is in vain,
As we go marching to Glory.