Shout Ye Lower Sons Of Men

Shout, ye lower sons of men,
Shout again, and yet again;
God with man ye now may see,
Offspring of virginity.
Subject of the angels’ songs,
Praised by all the heav’nly throngs,
Jesu comes, mankind to save,
Tho’ the earth becomes His grave,
Tho’ the earth becomes His grave.

Catch the strains by angels sung,
Let the song, by them begun,
Waft o’er hill and dale and sea,
Praising humbled Deity.
Rise, and lift your voices high!
Though you live beneath the sky;
Let the praise of Jesus be
Heralded from sea to sea,
Heralded from sea to sea.

Not the hosts of hell did He
Save from deep malignity;
But the crowds of earthly race
Were the subjects of His grace.
He to save us from our woe,
Came to live with us below;
Rise and shout His praises high,
Let them echo through the sky,
Let them echo through the sky.