Sing Praise To The Lord God Almighty

Sing praise to the LORD God Almighty,
proclaim all his glory abroad.
O praise him, you servants appointed
to stand in the house of our God.

Give praise to the LORD for his goodness;
’tis pleasant his praises to sing.
His people, his chosen and precious,
your praises with gratitude bring.

I know that the LORD is almighty;
supreme in dominion is he,
performing his will and good pleasure
in heaven, on the earth, in the sea.

His hand guides the clouds in their courses;
the lightning flames forth at his will.
The wind and the rain he releases
his sovereign designs to fulfill.

To ransom his people from bondage,
great wonders and signs he displayed.
He smote all the firstborn of Egypt,
till Pharaoh gave in and obeyed.

Great nations and kings that opposed him
were smitten by God’s mighty hand.
Their riches he gave to his people;
he made them inherit the land.

The name of the LORD stands forever,
through all generations renowned.
The LORD brings relief to his people;
his mercies forever abound.

The idols of gold and of silver
can speak not nor listen nor see.
Their makers shall also be helpless;
like them shall their worshipers be.

Praise God, every son, every daughter;
in worship your gladness proclaim.
His servants, and all you who fear him,
sing praise to his glorious name.