Sink Me Deeper Till The Measure Of Thy S

Sink me deeper till the measure of thy sorrows,
And the suffering which thou hast borne for me,
By the life which I may live,
And the service which I give
I have filled my humble sacrifice to thee.

Sink me deeper,
Sink me deeper,
Till thy purpose in my heart thou canst fulfill;
Sink me deeper,
Sink me deeper,
Let me reach the lowest depths of thy will.

Sink me deeper: let me share thy pain, O Savior,
And endure the cruel thorns which thou hast worn,
Till in sweet humility,
I to walk anew with thee,
Rise triumphant thru the cross which thou hast borne. [Refrain]

Sink me deeper, even though it be affliction
That shall press me closer to thy bleeding feet.
Let me share the bitter cup
Which in sorrow thou didst sup,
Let me stand beside thee, perfect and complete. [Refrain]

Sink me deeper; that which to my heart is dearest
Gladly have I yielded into thy control:
If I suffer, Lord, with thee,
I shall reign eternally,
And shall praise thee while the ceaseless ages roll. [Refrain]