Sinking From Self Into Jesus

Sinking from self into Jesus,
This is my life’s constant aim;
Dying to fleshly ambitions,
Living for Him who was slain;
Yielding my all to His keeping,
Taking the Lord’s will for mine;
His, because He has redeemed me,
Ever His glory doth shine.

Now in the light of His presence,
Lost in His glory sublime,
Oh, how my heart fills with rapture,
Jesus is evermore mine;
Life is all changed by His presence,
Joy thrills sweep over my soul;
Peace is as deep as a river,
Half cannot ever be told.

Upward, still upward it bears me,
Earth-ties increasingly dim,
Upward with glad exultation,
Rushing me onward t’ward Him;
Filling and thrilling my being,
Coming from glory above;
Lost in the sea of His goodness,
Covered by billows of love.