Sinner Behold Ive Heard Thy Groan

Sinner, behold I’ve heard thy groan,
I know thy heart, thy life I’ve known;
I’ve seen thy hope from grace proclaimed,
Thy trembling fear when Sinai flamed.

To me, the mighty God, attend,
In me behold the sinner’s friend;
‘Twas I who gave thy conscience voice,
Thou hast opposed by sinful choice.

Think not to bribe my sovereign grace,
Nor move me by a sorrowing face;
‘Tis thine own heart makes grace delay,
And hides a pardoning, glorious day.

Moved by thy fear, and not by love,
Thy daily prayers are sent above;
Thou hast not wished my will to meet,
Nor lain submissive at my feet.

The holy terms of gospel grace,
Have hid my glory from thy face;
To hearts and wills like thine opposed
The door of peace is ever closed.

Should thy proud will at length submit,
With holy sorrow deeply smit,
Thy voice would be the first to say,
I’m glorious in this long delay.

Stay, sinner, cease my grace to chide,
Nor think thy moans such sin can hide,
Delay no more, repent and live,
Or meet the death my wrath must give.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,