Sinner Come To The Fountain Of Life Flow

Sinner, come to the fountain of life flowing free,
There is mercy and pardon for all;
Jesus died on the cross, paid the debt there for thee,
And redeemed thy poor soul from the fall.

Sinner, come, and be saved,
Lest you seal your sad doom;
Soon the call will be past, and your die will be cast-
Come to Jesus while yet there is room.

Will you come to the Lord and be saved from your sin?
Come, confessing thy guilt and believe;
Jesus knocks at your door, will you now let Him in?
Open wide your heart’s door and receive. [Refrain]

There’s no way to be clean but in this crimson flow;
Tho’ your sins may be as scarlet red,
Oh, the pow’r in this blood will make you white as snow,
And your soul will on manna be fed. [Refrain]

Should the end come just now and your life work was done,
Are you ready for that final day?
Would you hear the Judge say, “Come, ye blessed, welcome!”
Or, “From me ever depart away.” [Refrain]