Sinner Hear The Invitation Sent In Mercy

Sinner, hear the invitation;
Mercy calls thee from above;
Come, receive this great salvation
Purchased by redeeming love.
Jesus calls, with sweet compassion,
“Come, ye weary souls, to Me;”
Sinner, heed the invitation,
Rise forthwith!-He calleth thee.

On the rugged cross-tree, bleeding,
Hear the wounded Lamb of God
For transgressors interceding,
While they shed His precious blood.
Hear that dying intercession,
Offer’d on that bloody tree;
He will pardon thy transgressions,
Rise forthwith!-He calleth thee.

Sinner, soon the day of favor
Will forever pass away;
Hasten to the loving Saviour,
Hasten while ’tis yet today:
He will comfort all thy sorrow,
And from ev’ry burden, free;
Wait not for the coming morrow,
Rise forthwith!-He calleth thee.

Come,-the Saviour will receive you;
Come,-with all your wants and wounds;
Come,-from all He will relieve you;
Come,-His favor still abounds.
Jesus calls with sweet compassion,
“Come, ye weary souls, to me;”
Come,-receive this great salvation;
Come, forthwith!-He calleth thee.