Sinner Now The Spirit Warns You

Sinner, now the Spirit warns you,
Seek salvation while you may,
Now the door of mercy’s open,
But there’s danger in delay.

Come to Jesus,
Come to Jesus
At His feet now humbly bow,
Oh, delay not, oh, delay not,
But come, come to Jesus now.

Heed the Gospel invitation,
Fly to Christ form sin and shame;
Pardon now is offered freely,
Freely offered in His name. [Refrain]

Long you’ve halted, doubting, wav’ring,
Half persuaded to obey,
Long you’ve tarried at life’s portals,
O come in, come in today. [Refrain]

Wait no longer, Jesus calls you,
Now decide for Him to live;
Come and prove His boundless mercy,
Prove how freely He’ll forgive. [Refrain]

Justified by faith in Jesus,
All your doubts and fears will cease,
And your soul become God’s temple,
Filled with light and love and peace. [Refrain]