Sinner Stop Rebel No More

Sinner, stop! rebel no more
‘Gainst your Father’s love and pow’r;
Hear his kind and gracious cry:
“Sinner, turn! why will ye die?”

Sinner, turn! O sinner, turn!
God’s great gift no longer spurn;
Hear Him pleading, now so nigh:
“Sinner, turn! why will ye die?”

Careless sinner, stop and hear!
Jesus calls you: He is near,
Waiting to receive,-forgive;
Calling, “Come to me and live.” [Refrain]

Sinner, tho’ your sins are great,
Coming now, ’tis not too late;
God is love: no more despair;
Pardon free awaits your prayer. [Refrain]

Then forsake your sins today;
Seek the Saviour while you may;
For your soul His life He gave;
Come to Jesus: He will save. [Refrain]