Sinner To The Savior Clinging

Sinner, to the Saviour clinging,
Trembling, trusting, hoping, singing,
Hark! again his voice is ringing:
“Forward, forward march!”

Tarry not to count thy treasure;
He will deal it without measure
As thou doest his good pleasure-
“Forward, forward march!”

Art thou faint? He stands beside thee;
He shall help thee, guard thee, guide thee;
In his shadow he shall hide thee-
“Forward, forward march!”

Through th’allurements of temptation,
Through the fires of tribulation,
Holding forth the great salvation,
“Forward, forward march!”

By ten thousand foes surrounded,
Mocked, opposed, assaulted, wounded,
Thou shalt never be confounded,
“Forward, forward march!”

Till thy bending head be hoary,
Till shall close thine earthly story,
Till thou step from grace to glory,
“Forward, forward march!”