Sinner What Has Earth To Show

Sinner, what has thou to show
Like the joys believers know?
Is thy path of fading flowers,
Half so bright, so sweet, as ours?

Doth a king upon his throne
Make thine every grief his own?
Doth he hourly bend his ear,
All thy secret plaints to hear?

Doth a skillful, healing friend
On thy daily path attend,
And, where thorns and stings abound,
Shed a balm on every wound?

When the tempest rolls on high,
Hast thou still a refuge nigh?
Can, oh can thy dying breath
Summon one more strong than death?

Canst thou, in that awful day,
Fearless tread the gloomy way,
Plead a glorious ransom given,
Burst from flesh, and soar to Heaven?

Sinner! when wilt thou be wise?
What, though faithless fools despise,
We have treasures, honors, bliss,
God is ours, and all things His.