Sinner Why So Idly Standing

Sinner, why so idly standing
by the market place,
While the Lord, your heart demanding,
Calls you by his grace?
Life is in the rosy morning,
Toils and cares are light,
Do not wait the message scorning,
Turn to Christ this night.

Jesus calls again in kindness,
Speaking in tend’rest tone
To your soul, so full of blindness,
Weary, sad and lone.
Life is in the golden midday,
Half your years are sped,
Mercy cannot warn you alway;
O, to peace be led.

Still again the invitation
Comes from heaven above,
Telling of a free salvation,
In a voice of love.
Life is in the crimson twilight,
Cometh fast the gloom,
Soon the bells will toll the midnight,
Then the changeless doom.

Now the last sweet message soundeth,
O, so earnestly,
Proving still that grace aboundeth,
Lost one, come to me.
Life is in the solemn midnight,
‘Tis the last appeal;
Yield your heart, subdued and contrite,
Ere remorse you feel.

Then, alas, the final parting
For eternal years,
While from every eyelid starting
Fall and blinding tears,
Part without a hope of meeting
Parent, child and friend,
Nevermore to hear a greeting,
Nor a message send.