Sinner Will You Lose Your Soul

Sinner, will you lose your soul-
Precious soul?
‘Neath the tyrant’s dark control
Sink your soul?
In the awful judgment day,
When all hope has fled away,
You would give all earth to pay
For your soul.

Oh, the price your spirit cost!
Jesus died.
Why, then, should your soul be lost,
Since he died?
Come to him before too late,
Time will end in awful fate,
Then no price will compensate
For your soul.

O poor sinner, stop and think
Of your soul,
Sleeping near the awful brink,
Death will toll:
And when judgment’s wrath you see,
All this world, if owned by thee,
You’d exchange so willingly
For your soul.

Who can save your soul from sin?
Christ alone;
All your sins were laid on him
To atone:
Do not slightly value here
That which Jesus bought so dear,
With an offered crown so near,
For your soul.