Sinner With Your Heavy Load Of Sin And G

Sinner with your heavy load of sin and guilt,
‘Twas for you the Savior’s precious blood was spilt;
If you call upon him now this very hour,
He will send to you his saving pow’r.

Pray thro’, God will answer you;
pray through, He is ever true;
You can have an answer,
Know his pow’r anew,
If you keep on praying until you pray thro’.

If you know the blood has wash’d your sins away,
Still there rises up the carnal mind each day;
Pray to Him who died to make you free indeed,
This is just the blessing that you need. [Chorus]

Tho’ temptations come to ev’ry Christian heart,
Jesus oft has said He will the grace impart;
We can be triumphant, this I know is true,
If in faith and pow’r we will pray thro’. [Chorus]