Sinners Obey The Gospel Word

Sinners obey the gospel word,
Haste to the supper of your Lord:
Be wise to know your gracious day;
All things are ready, come away.

Ready the father is to own,
And kiss his late returning son:
Ready the loving Savior stands,
And spreads for you his bleeding hands.

Ready the spirit of his love,
Is now, the stony heart to move;
T’ apply and witness Jesus’ blood
And wash and seal you sons of God.

Ready for you the Angels wait,
To triumph in your blest estate;
Tuning their harps by which they praise,
The wonders of redeeming grace.

Come then ye sinners, to the Lord,
To happiness in Christ restor’d;
His proffer’d benefits embrace,
The plenitude of gospel grace.

O quit this world’s delusive charms,
And quickly fly to Jesus’ arms;
Wrestle until your God is known,
Till you can call the Lord your own.