Sinners Take The Friendly Warning

Sinners, take the friendly warning;
Soon that awful day shall break,
And the trumpet, with its dawning,
All the slumbering millions wake.

See assembled every nation!–
Loftly cities, temples, towers,
Wrapt in dreadful conflagration,
Earth and sea the flame devours.

Ye who to the world dissemble,
While you practice deeds of night,
Sinners, now behold and tremble;
All your crimes are brought to light.

Ye who now, conviction stifling,
Waste your time, the loss deplore;
Hear the angel–cease your trifling–
Time, he cries, shall be no more.

Pause and hear the voice of reason,
Catch the moments as they fly;
You who lose the present season,
You must all find time to die.