Sinners The City Where You Dwell

Sinners, the city where you dwell
Is doomed to fearful woe;
Those dark impending clouds foretell
The quick descending blow.

Sinners, the hiding place is nigh;
The Savior calls-away-
He is the only refuge-fly-
There’s danger in delay.

Beneath you shall the trembling ground
Quake with the wrath of God;
While all above you and around
Shall roll the fiery flood. [Refrain]

Haste from your revels and your mirth
And all your carnal joys;
The day of wrath is bursting forth;
Oh! hasten to be wise. [Refrain]

Fly to the mountain, quickly fly;
Nor will your flight be vain;
‘Tis God’s own house, and Heaven is nigh,
Stay not in all the plain. [Refrain]

Angels, sweet messengers of love,
Lend them your rapid wing;
And Thou, good Spirit from above,
All needful succors bring. [Refrain]

do you tarry, trembling souls?
Haste ere the lightnings blaze;
Fly ere the rumbling thunders call,
Fly to the hiding place. [Refrain]