Sinners The Message Is Sounding

Sinners, the message is sounding,
Jesus is speaking to thee;
List while He’s tenderly saying,
Weary one, come unto Me.

Hear, O hear the Gospel call;
Come to Christ, before Him fall;
He has said if you believe,
Life eternal you shall have.

Jesus has carried your sorrows,
Jesus has borne all your grief;
Now unto you He is calling,
Come, and I’ll give you relief. [Refrain]

Come with your sins to the Savior,
Come unto Him while you may;
This is the message He sends you,
Come and believe Me today. [Refrain]

Sinners, while Jesus is waiting,
Waiting to freely forgive,
Come and accept of His mercy,
Trust Him, believe Him and live. [Refrain]