Sinners This Solemn Truth Regard

Sinners, this solemn truth regard–
Hear, all ye sons of men!
For Christ, the Saviour, hath declared
Ye must be born again.

Whate’er might be your birth or blood,
The sinner’s boast is vain:
Thus saith the glorious Son of God,
Ye must be born again.

Our nature’s totally depraved,
The heart a sink of sin;
Without a change we can’t be saved,
Ye must be born again.

That which is born of flesh is flesh,
And flesh it will remain:
Then marvel not that Jesus saith,
Ye must be born again.

Spirit of life, thy grace impart,
And breathe on sinners slain;
Bear witness, Lord, with every heart,
That we are born again.

Dear Saviour, we will now begin
To trust and love thy word;
And by forsaking every sin,
Prove we are born of God.