Sinners Whither Will You Wander

Sinners, whither will you wander,
Whither will you stray?
O remember, life is slender,
‘Tis but a short day.

Death is coming, coming, coming,
And the Judgment Day,
Hasten, sinner! Hasten, sinner!
Seek the narrow way.

Satan has resolved to have you
For his lawful prey;
Jesus Christ has died to save you,
Haste, O haste away! [Chorus]

Listen to the invitation,
While He’s crying “Come!”
If you miss the great salvation,
Hell will be your doom. [Chorus]

Soon you’ll see the Lord descending,
On His great white throne;
Saints and sinners all attending,
To receive their doom. [Chorus]

Would you ‘scape the awful sentence?
From destruction flee?
Seek the Lord by true repentance,
Haste to Calvary. [Chorus]