Sleep Downy Sleep Come Close Mine Eyes

Sleep, downy sleep, come, close mine eyes
Tir’d with beholding vanites.
Welcome sweet sleep and chase away,
The toils and follies of the day.

On thy soft bosom, will I lie,
Forget the world, and learn to die,
O Israel’s wathcful shepherd spread,
Thy guardian angels round my bed.

Let not the spirits of the air,
While I lie slumb’ring me insnare;
But gurad thy suppliant free from harm
Claspt in thine everlasting arm.

Clouds ant thick darkness are thy throne
Thy wonderful pavilion,
O dart from thence one heav’nly ray,
And then my midnigh shall be day.

Thus when the morn in crimson dress,
Break through the windows of the east,
My thankful hymns of praise shall rise,
Like incense of the sacrifice.