Sleep Weary World And Take Thy Rest

Sleep, weary world, and take thy rest,
Thy countless eye-lids close;
Shut all thy cares within thy breast,
For once in peace repose.

Wake, slumbering world; a midnight cry
Comes with Almighty breath;
Wake; thy redemption draweth nigh,
Rise from the dust of death.

Yon star, those angels, shepherds, kings,
A birth from heaven proclaim;
The Son of God salvation brings,
Emanuel is His name.

Gather thy children from afar,
Of climes and tongues unknown;
Show them the stable and the star,
Christ’s manger and his throne.

There, with the Angels, loud and sweet,
All hearts, all voices blend;
There, with the shepherds, at his feet,
All knees, all nations bend.

There, with the wise men from the East,
Sinners their offerings bring;
Each at this altar be a priest,
And every priest a king.

For He shall wash them in His blood,
Shall with His robes array,
And make them kings and priests to God:
Lord Jesus, speed the day.