Sleep Well My Dear Sleep Safe And Free

I. Sleep well, my Dear; sleep safe and free
The holy Angels are with Thee,
Who always see thy Father’s Face,
And never slumber, Nights nor Days.

II. Thou ly’st in Down, soft ev’ry Way;
Thy Saviour lay in Straw and Hay;
Thy Cradle is far better drest,
Than the hard Crib where he did rest.

III. None dare disturb thy present Ease;
He had a Thousand Enemies:
Thou liv’st in great Security;
But he was punish’d, and for Thee.

IV. God make thy Mother’s Health increase,
To see thee grow in Strength and Grace,
In Wisdom and Humility,
As Infant-JESUS did for Thee.

V. God fill thee with his heav’nly Light,
To steer thy Christian Course aright;
Make thee a Tree, of blessed Root,
That ever bends with godly Fruit.

Part the Second:

VI. Those Children are to God most dear,
That learn the Lesson of his Fear.
Thus Infants are by JESUS CHRIST
Most kindly blest, embrac’d and kiss’d.

VII. Are not the Joys of God above,
Giv’n to the Children of his Love?
Who’d see above his holy Face,
Must here become a Child of Grace.

VIII. Be thou like CHRIST, that blessed child,
Most pious, innocent and mild;
Who soon did ev’ry Grace display;
And, tho’ a God, he learnt t’obey.

IX. God glorify his Child in thee;
His Spirit guide thy Infancy.
To follow and to learn of CHRIST,
Of all Attainments is the high’st.

X. From what he suffer’d, did, and said,
Thou hast more Profit than he had;
‘Twas thine entailed Misery
Made him become a Child like thee.

XI. If thou conform’st thy Mind to HIs,
Thou art entitled to that Bliss,
Which this incarnate God regain’d
For All whom ADAM’S Sin had stain’d.

XII. Sleep now, my Dear, and take thy Rest;
And if with riper Years thou’rt blest,
Encrease in Wisdom Day and Night,
Till thou attain’st th’eternal Light.