Smiles For The Weary Smiles For The Sad

Smiles for the weary, smiles for the sad,
Smiles for the lonely, making them glad;
Smiles like the sunshine, warming the heart,
Bidding the shadows softly depart.

Scattering smiles, sweet, sunny smiles,
Bringing to others the joy we sing;
Scattering smiles, sweet, sunny smiles,
Telling the love of Christ, our King.

Smiles full of kindness, born of his grace,
Deep hidden blessings shine in the face;
Coupled with action, helpful and true,
Winning the wand’rer, keeping him, too. [Refrain]

Smiles, because Jesus, reigning above,
Pardons and loves us,-wonderful love!
Smiles, for the Spirit comforts and cheers,
Wondrously forming rainbows from tears. [Refrain]