Smiling Bravely Smiling

Smiling, bravely smiling
When the clouds look gray,
Sending gleams of sunshine
All along the way;
Facing ev’ry trouble
With a cheery song,
Fills the heart with gladness,
Makes the soul grow strong.

Oh, keep smiling, bravely smiling ev’ry day,
Drive the dreary clouds of darkness far away;
There is sunshine in a smile;
It is surely worth your while;
Then keep smiling glad and gay.

Helping, truly helping
Lighten others’ woes,
Speaking words of kindness
Unto friends and foes,
Going on rejoicing
Through the cloud and sun,
Gaining strength by failure,
Victory is won. [Refrain]

Smiling, bravely smiling
When the world seems blue,
Stars will soon be shining
Through the dark and dew;
Life is full of blessing,
If we live aright;
Under snows of winter
Hides the summer bright. [Refrain]