Smote By Thy Law Im Justly Slain

Smote by thy law, I’m justly slain,
Great God, behold my case;
Pity a sinner filled with pain,
Nor drive me from thy face.

Dread terrors fright my guilty soul,
thy justice, all in flames,
Gives sentence on this heart so foul,
So hard, so full of crimes.

‘Tis trembling hardness that I feel;
I fear, but can’t relent,
Perhaps of endless death the seal:
Oh that I could repent!

My prayers, my tears, my vows are vile,
My duties black with guilt;
On such a wretch can mercy smile,
Though Jesu’s blood was spilled?

Speechless I sink to endless night,
I see an opening hell:
But lo! what glory strikes my sight?
Such glory who can tell!

Enwrapped in these bright beams of peace,
I feel a gracious God:
Swell, swell the note; Oh, tell his grace!
Sound his high praise abroad!

Now rise, my soul, adore and love,
Leave sin and hell behind;
Give all thy powers to heaven above,
And praise the eternal mind.

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,