Softly And Tenderly Jesus Spake

Softly and tenderly Jesus spake
Unto my fainting soul:
Come, of the waters of life partake,
And thou shalt be cleansed, made whole!

All glory to Jesus! So precious is He!
His name! in my soul how it rings!
Redeemed by His blood, He has called me to be
A child of the King of king!

Guilty was I whom He sought to win;
Trembling I heard His voice;
Fully persuaded, I entered in,
And made Him that day my choice! [Refrain]

Sins that were crimson He made as wool,
Gave me a glad new song;
Now of salvation my cup runs full,
I’m happy the whole day long! [Refrain]

Of Him to others where e’er I go,
Daily my glad heart sings;
I am for time and eternity,
A child of the King of kings! [Refrain]