Softly Come The Blessed Sunbeams

Softly come the blessed sunbeams
In a flood of golden rain,
Bringing gifts of wealth and beauty
To all Nature’s wide domain.

Beautiful sunbeams, radian sunbeams,
Like sweet benedictions fall;
Beautiful sunbeams gently descending,
Bring their joy and cheer to all.

Sunbeams on the snow-capped mountains
Lay a dazzling diadem,
And the humble, tiny dew drop
Turn they to a sparkling gem. [Refrain]

Verdant land and glancing water
Answer to the sun’s caress,
And the clouds of eve and morning
Blush with hues of loveliness. [Refrain]

Like a smile of God, our Father,
Comes the sun with welcome light,
Telling all his earthly children
Of his goodness and his might. [Refrain]