Softly Sing Our Parting Lay

Softly sing our parting lay,
Volume four we close today;
Aspiration, courage, cheer,
All are found recorded here.
Lay this treasured book aside,
Other volumes open wide,
Rend we must our mutual bond,
Grasp alone the more beyond!

Grasping things to us now sealed,
Hidden truths will be revealed,
Myriad wonders meet our eyes,
Minds to higher levels rise.
We would lighten others’ cares,
Lift them heav’nward unawares;
Not for self alone would live,
Much received, would freely give.

Comrades, faint not, do not tire,
After nobler things aspire;
Ever onward, ne’er despond,
This our signal, “More beyond.”
Glorious race may each one run,
Priceless plaudits hear-“Well done,
Lay then every burden down;
Welcome, victor, wear thy crown.”