Softly Sing The Sweet Word Jesus

Softly sing the sweet word “Jesus,”
For ’tis full of love and rest;
And the very name of Jesus
Draws poor sinners to His breast.

Softly sing that name so tender,
Many a trembling one is here;
Only tenderness can draw them,
And they are so very dear.

O, poor sinner, speak to Jesus,
In the silence of thy heart;
Say, “For this Thy love so wondrous,
Now with all my sin I’ll part.”

“I will trust Thee now, Lord Jesus,
Keep Thee waiting now no more;
Let Thee take away my sin-stains,
Let Thee heal my every sore.”

Jesus answers, “I receive thee;
Only look on Me and live;
And I now will never leave thee,
All thy sins I now forgive.”

Sing aloud, oh, happy sinner!
“Jesus says I am forgiven,
And that He will never leave me
Till He brings me safe to heaven.”