Sojourner Here Upon Lifes Pilgrim Way

Sojourner, here upon life’s pilgrim way,
Hark! at the door of thy heart
Christ and the world are both knocking today,
Which shall be bidden depart?

Which, O which shall it be?
Choose ye, O choose ye;
Now for time and eternity,
God of Mammon, which shall it be?
Choose ye, O choose ye,
Whom will ye serve? O choose ye.

Vain are the treasures the world offers now,
Glittering baubles and toys;
Perfect salvation the Lord would bestow,
Heaven and unending joys. [Refrain]

One ye would love and the other despise,
If both admittance should gain;
Choose ye today, and in choosing be wise,
Let not your Lord plead in vain. [Refrain]

For or against him, how is it today?
No neutral ground can there be;
Do you receive him or turn him away?
Answer this question for me. [Refrain]