Soldiers In The Army Of The Lord Mcphail

Soldiers in the army
Of the Lord our King,
Help along the triumph,
All your forces bring;
Move in solid column,
Strike the pow’r of sin;
Strong, united effort,
Shall the vict’ry win.

Soldiers in the army,
Strike with all your might,
Strike with all your might;
In the name of Jesus,
Strike, and put the foe to flight.

Soldiers in the army,
Led by Christ, the Lord,
On to certain conquest,
On to great reward;
Raise aloft the banner,
That the world may know
We are bound to conquer,
And subdue the foe. [Chorus]

Soldiers in the army,
To the cause be true,
In this day of battle,
There is much to do;
God will crown with honor,
Ev’ry royal heart;
Rally, soldier, rally,
Do a noble part. [Chorus]

Soldiers in the army,
Never leave your post,
Till the Captain bids you
Join the ransomed host;
Then with shouts of triumph
To their ranks ascend,
Swell with them the chorus,
That shall never end. [Chorus]