Soldiers Of Immanuel Go Forward

Soldiers of Immanuel, go forward in His name,
Holy warfare waging, pow’rs of sin engaging;
Lift His royal standard and His truth divine proclaim,
Till the world shall own Him King.

Go forth, go forth, and battle for the right,
Defeat the foe and put his host to flight;
Ye soldiers of Immanuel, press on
Until the victory is won.

Soldiers of Immanuel, go forward to the fray,
Songs of triumph singing, shouts of vict’ry ringing;
Follow your Commander, He is with you every day;
Onward! is the battle cry. [Refrain]

Soldiers of Immanuel, the battle soon shall cease;
In a home of splendor we shall homage render
Unto Jesus, He who is the glorious Prince of Peace,
When we lay our armor down. [Refrain]