Soldiers Of Jesus Soldiers Of The Cross

Soldiers of Jesus! soldiers of the Cross!
Follow your Captain, counting all but loss;
If you fight the battle you shall gain renown,
And if you are faithful you shall wear a crown.

Refrain -:
March on! March on! soldiers of Immanuel;
March on! March on! singing as we go:
Glory! glory to the Lamb of Calvary!
In His might we conquer ev’ry foe.

Soldiers of Jesus! gird ye to the fray,
Stand in your armour in this evil day;
Where the battle rages there may ye be found,
Where the need is greatest that is holy ground. [Refrain]

Soldiers of Jesus! lift your standard high;
Write on your banners: Jesus came to die;
By the Cross of Jesus we the vict’ry win,
For the blood of Jesus cleanseth from all sin. [Refrain]

Soldiers of Jesus! when the battle’s done,
Foes all are vanquish’d, and the vict’ry won;
Then with shouts of triumph we shall hail the King,
When the vaults of heaven with His praises ring. [Refrain]

Soldiers of Jesus! of the Lamb once slain,
Know ye that Jesus soon will come to reign;
Lift your heads in gladness, victory is nigh,
Send a shout of welcome through the earth and sky.

Refrain :
Come, Lord, Jesus! come and take Thy people home;
Come, O come! we long Thy face to see;
Come, Lord Jesus! claim the kingdom and the pow’r,
Set the earth from all its bondage free.