Soldiers Of The Cross Arise Gird You

SOLDIERS of the cross, arise,
Gird you with your armour bright;
Mighty are your enemies,
Hard the battle ye must fight.

O’er a faithless, fallen world
Raise your banner in the sky;
Let it float there wide unfurled;
Bear it onward; lift it high.

‘Mid the homes of want and woe,
Strangers to the living word,
Let the Saviour’s herald go,
Let the voice of hope be heard.

Where the shadows deepest lie,
Carry truth’s unsullied ray;
Where are crimes of blackest dye,
There the saving sign display.

To the weary and the worn
Tell of realms where sorrows cease;
To the outcast and forlorn
Speak of mercy and of peace.

Be the banner still unfurled,
Still unsheathed the Spirit’s sword,
Till the kingdoms of the world
Are the Kingdom of the Lord.