Soldiers Of The Cross Arise Lo Your Lead

Soldiers of the cross, arise!
Lo! your Leader from the skies
Waves before you glory’s prize,
Prize of victory.
Seize your armor, gird it on:
Soon the battle will be won;
See! the strife is almost done;
Struggle manfully.

Now the fight of faith begin,
Be no more the slaves of sin,
Strive the victor’s palm to win,
Trusting in the Lord:
Gird ye on the armor bright,
Warriors of the King of Light,
Never yield, nor lose by flight
Your divine reward.

Jesus conquered when he fell,
Met and vanquished sin and hell;
Now he bids his foll’wers tell
Triumphs of his cross.
Tho’ the evil hosts appear,
Who can doubt, or who can fear?
God our strength and shield, is near;
Can we suffer loss?