Soldiers Of The Cross Turner

Soldiers of the cross, awaken!
Hear ye not the trumpet sound?
Come and rally ’round the banner,
Where the sons of Christ are found!

Wake to honor! wake to duty!
For the battle has begun,
And the holy cause we follow,
Calls for ev’ry valiant son!

Arm yourselves, ye Christian soldiers
With the helmet and the sword,
While the clarion call is sounding,
Forward, trusting in His word. [Refrain]

For the King divine, we’re fighting,
And His foes shall be our own!
Till the mighty hosts are conquered
And our Sovereign reigns alone! [Refrain]

Soldiers of the cross of Jesus,
Bear His standard bravely on!
When His truth shall reign triumphant,
Then the day of peace shall dawn! [Refrain]