Soldiers Of The King

Soldiers of the King, oh, hear the battle cry;
See the foe advance, the hosts are drawing nigh;
Naught have you to fear, tho’ ranks of sin assail;
Thanks be unto God, His army shall prevail.

Thanks be unto God, our Universal King!
Thanks be unto God, oh, let His praises ring!
They that overcome His chosen ones shall be;
Thanks be unto God who gives the victory!

Courage, bravely on, the Lord of Hosts is near;
Hear His gentle voice in accents sweet and clear,
Thrilling all the air above the battle’s din;
Christian soldiers, on, by faith your cause shall win. [Refrain]

Raise you banners high, your glorious cause proclaim;
Hosts of sin defy, thro’ Christ, your Captain’s name;
Sing the song of faith in triumph o’er and o’er;
Thanks be unto God, who lives forevermore! [Refrain]