Some Blessed Day Some Solemn Hour

Some blessed day, some solemn hour,
The Christ shall come again in power;
With all the shining heav’nly band,
Before Him every soul shall stand.

Some day, all hail that day of days,
Him we shall see and shout His praise;
Some day the Christ shall come again,
And dwell among the sons of men.

Some day the Christ shall come again,
That He may judge the sons of men;
He shall no more for sin atone,
But shall receive and crown His own. [Refrain]

Some day, some glad and joyful day,
For which I watch and hope and pray;
O may I now in Him be found,
That I may then by Him be crowned. [Refrain]

Perhaps this day the day may be,
When I my blessed Lord shall see;
Then I shall enter at the door,
To be with Him forevermore. [Refrain]