Some Day Beyond The Silent Valley

Some day, beyond the silent valley,
Where sounds no mortal word,
Sweet voices speaking to our spirits,
In welcome will be heard.

Some blessed day beyond the valley,
We’ll reach the heav’nly height,
With souls redeemed to dwell forever
In never fading light.

Some day, beyond the somber valley,
The vale so still and dim,
We shall behold our Savior’s glory,
And we shall be like Him. [Refrain]

Some day, beyond the lonely valley,
Where none can with us go,
We’ll join the throng of bright immortals,
Their holy rapture know. [Refrain]

Some day, beyond the dismal valley,
When earthly strife is o’er,
We’ll sing the glad new song of Heaven,
Rejoicing evermore. [Refrain]