Some Day I Know Not When Twill Be

Some day, I know not when ’twill be,
The angel death will come to me;
But this I know, if Christ be near,
Old Jordan’s waves I will not fear.

My sins he long ago forgave,
And still I feel his pow’r to save;
And if I keep the witness clear,
Old Jordan’s waves I shall not fear.

O’er me has sorrow’s storm oft swept,
Safe from the danger me he’s kept;
If still I trust this friend so dear,
Old Jordan’s waves I need not fear.

My lov’d ones they have cross’d the tide,
But safely cross’d with Christ their guide;
They sweetly whispered in my ear,
Old Jordan’s waves I do not fear.

So when at death’s cold brink I stand,
My hand clasp’d in my Saviour’s hand;
I too, shall shout in tones so clear,
Old Jordan’s waves I do not fear.